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About Jason Pierce:
I grew up in Palatine with my parents bringing me to Sports Scene for my baseball gear and uniforms. Growing up I played baseball locally for many different organizations including Palatine North, PYB, Northwest Travelers, Rolling Meadows, St. Viator, Barrington  High School, Palatine Legion, Barrington Legion, Norwood Blues, the White Sox Scout Team and Southern Illinois University. I also played hockey, football, basketball, lacrosse, and soccer growing up.  After being injured while playing baseball at SIU, I moved back to Chicago to achieve my  diploma in Business Management with an Entrepreneur focus from DePaul University.  Now I am back to my roots, running the store that I spent so much time at as a kid.

Store History:
Sports Scene has been in Palatine for over 40 years. The store has sold high end baseball gear and been a team outfitter since it’s beginning. There have been 3 owners, all being locals, named Vito, Steve and Jay. The current owner, Jay, began as a customer when his parents used to bring him to the store growing up.  Since the beginning of Sports Scene, the store has always been an outfitter for local teams and also provided the sports equipment for the local leagues and individuals, but the store has grown in many ways from where it began.  Two major areas of growth are; now Sports Scene screen prints a wide variety of garments and uniforms in-house and the store is also an exclusive dealer for all of your top brands of sports uniforms and equipment. Sports Scene has a very wide range of customers; from those you would expect such as local sports leagues and teams to businesses that buy shirts, jackets and uniforms to individuals that buy shirts for various family functions to various charitable events.